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NailDNA is different than any other nailsalon in Marrakech.

It is not just your standard nailsalon, but the first nailsalon in Marrakech to offer the latest Nail Trend : the revolutionary Natural Nail Treatment (BIAB). It’s pretty much changing the game in the nail world.

Biab ('Builder In A Bottle') is a pigmented, flexible, and strengthening gel, which can be built up to create a beautifully shiny and even nail.

Essentially, BIAB hardens and strengthens the natural nail, whilst creating the same perfect glossy look you’d expect from other treatments, such as gel or acrylic nails (all without adding too much bulk or thickness).  . 

What makes the Natural Nail Treatment so special?

  • Hardens and strengthens the natural nails
  • Can also be used alone or as a base underneath gel polish 
  • Redesigns you natural nails 
  • Perfect for biters and pickers 
  • Lengthen your nail bed
  • Lasts up to 3-4 weeks 
  • No damage to natural nails 

For those who are really into Nail Extensions we also offer Gel extensions. A beautiful set of Gel extensions to sculpt and extend your nails beyond their natural length, but still giving out a realistic look.



We make sure you leave not just with beautiful nails but also with HEALTHY nails!

Book now your appointment at NailDNA in Marrakech and discover all the innovation that is infused into our customer experience!


Certified nail tech

Certified nail tech

Our Nailtechnicians are certified in all areas of nailcare, including practical application, related theory and infectious control. But is does not stop with just one certificate. We always keep educating ourselfs to focus on improving and evolving. Nail trends change constantly, so we are always learning about the latest techniques and products to offer only the best to our clients!

GelX extensions

GelX extensions

GelX or Gelly Tips are preshaped tips made from 100% soft Gel. We have them in different shapes and sizes. The tips are lightweight, strong and lasts up to 3 or even 4 weeks ! Because of the easy application and removal we do not damage your natural nails.

NN Treatment

NN Treatment

The Biab Treatment is a gel specially developped for creating strong overlays and strengthening natural nails. No chipping or lifting which helps grow your natural nails. The perfect go to for those who are in love with short nails. We have Biab in several nude colours but we can also finish with a gel colour of your choice on top.

Nail Art

Nail Art

If you're here for the latest nail art designs, you've come to the right place! With our countless color combinations, glitters, crystals and stickers we can create any nail art design you have in mind! We make sure that we are always up to date with the latest nailtrends and have a lot of choice in our salon!



Excellent salon hygiene within our salon is at the forefront of our mind, not only for our clients but also for our staff. Maintaining high standards of hygiene in our nailsalon is vital to prevent the risks of cross contamination. We make sure that we work in a fully hygienic environment. Every tool that we use is properly desinfected and sterilized, to ensure that nobody's health is put at risk.


About us

We are passionate about our work and go above and beyond for each and every one of our customers. We strive ourselves in providing you with excellent services and professionalism.

We never stop educating ourselves by different facilities whom belong to the nail industries finest. We love advising our clients about nail care, colour matching and demonstrating the latest designs, brands and trends.

Hygiene is one of our main priorities. Personal hygiene as well as the hygiene of our customers. Upon arrival the hands of all our customers are disinfected. The technicians work with single use gloves only and after every customer all used materials are correctly sterilised.

Treatments & Prices

Hand- and Feetcare

Hand- and Feetcare

Manicure incl. Handmask180 DH
Manicure incl. Gelpolish280 DH
Natural Nail Treatment with BIAB450 DH
Natural Nail Treatment BIAB & Gelpolish500 DH

Pedicure incl. Feet Treatment

250 DH
Pedicure incl. Gelpolish320 DH
Pedicure incl. BIAB 350 DH

Removal Gelpolish/ Biab 

50 DH
Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions

Gel/ GelX600 DH
Gel Babyboom650 DH
Gel French Inlay950 DH
Gel Removal100 DH


Diamonds & Crystals from15 DH per nail
Nail Stickers & Foils15 DH per nail
Ombre effect25 DH per nail
French Inlay80 DH per nail
Glitter & Chrome effect50 DH
Marble Nails50 DH
French Manicure50 DH

• All our treatments are including a cuticle oil treatment to improve the circulation around your nails, stimulating nail growth and help improve the health and appearance of your nail.

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